Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
21 novembre 2014
The New York Times

Randomized evaluations are increasingly being used to find new approaches to health delivery.

21 novembre 2014
The New York Times

The Oregon Health Study upended a lot of conventional thinking about health insurance. The study made use of a 2008 state lottery that randomly assigned some low-income Oregon residents to get insurance from Medicaid and others to remain uninsured. Then it followed them for two years to see what happened.

19 novembre 2014
The Hindu

Five projects have been identified for evaluation in Tamil Nadu, with more to follow.

13 novembre 2014
Infosys Science Foundation

The prize recognizes her "pioneering and prodigious contributions to development economics."

10 novembre 2014
Deutsche Welle

An interview with Abhijit Banerjee on finding specific solutions to specific problems in poverty.

3 novembre 2014
The Washington Post

J-PAL affiliate Donald Green on the effectiveness of using social pressure to encourage voter participation.

29 octobre 2014
MIT News

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel will receive an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

23 octobre 2014
MIT Spectrum

Amy Finkelstein talks about the results of the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment.

23 octobre 2014
The New York Times

Pratham, a J-PAL partner, is working to improve learning outcomes in India.

22 octobre 2014
World Bank Blogs

Savings programs can be used as a tool to improve consumption and income.