Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
2 mars 2015
The Hindu

J-PAL will conduct an evaluation of an activity-based learning program in Chennai.

27 février 2015
World Bank

The six RCT studies found that microcredit can be a valuable tool to help people expand business activities, but has not led to substantial improvements in household living standards or reductions in poverty.

26 février 2015

How J-PAL is working with the Tamil Nadu government to integrate findings from RCTs into the policymaking design phase.

26 février 2015
Indian Express

Abhijit Banerjee is named one of the top ten economists in India for 2015.

25 février 2015
The Wall Street Journal

A recent study by Michael LaCour and J-PAL affiliate Donald Green shows that a brief meeting can change people's opinions about same-sex marriage.

20 février 2015

As part of Brian Leherer's Public Intellectual, Abhijit Banerjee discusses the implications of recent microcredit studies.

20 février 2015
Gov Innovator

J-PAL affiliate Raj Chetty discusses how behavioral economic tools can improve the design and implementation of public policies.

12 février 2015
The New York Times

The gold standard of scientific research — routinely used in the development of new drugs — has been neglected in studies meant to improve the American health care system, researchers reported on Thursday in the journal Science.

12 février 2015
MIT News

Amy Finkelstein explains why randomized trials can improve medical care.

12 février 2015
Next City

Youth employment during the summer months can have social as well as financial effects.