Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
10 juin 2014
New York Times

The Becoming a Man Program works to convince young people that they have a stake in the future.

9 juin 2014
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Experimentation allows economists to see the complexity of life that theories and models can’t capture.

5 juin 2014

A recent randomized trial found that Kenyans who received cash from GiveDirectly built more assets, bought more goods, were less hungry, and were happier than those who didn't get cash.

4 juin 2014
International Growth Centre

Rachel Glennerster recently gave a talk at the IGC to discuss the use of RCT-generated evidence as part of the policymaking process.

4 juin 2014
The New York Times

In many poor countries, counterfeit medicines are an enormous problem. J-PAL affiliates are researching ways to make reliable medicine accessible.

4 juin 2014
The World Bank

Newer models and approaches for training researchers to evaluate appear promising.

3 juin 2014

A study by J-PAL affiliate Paul Gertler suggests playtime with mom can dramatically reverse damage caused by malnourishment.

29 mai 2014
Science News

A new analysis of a long-term study in Jamaica shows that surprisingly simple ways of stimulating children’s mental development can have dramatic benefits later in life.

28 mai 2014

Research shows little evidence on the benefits of cookstoves to health or pollution, and whether or not people are willing to use and maintain them.

27 mai 2014
Bloomberg View

Research from Dean Karlan reveals how donors respond to new information about a charity’s effectiveness.