Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
10 août 2015

J-PAL affiliate Sebastian Galiani and coauthors present evidence from an experiment designed to induce firms to formalize in Colombia.

9 août 2015

How GiveDirectly hopes to improve individual lives & reshape international giving.

6 août 2015
The Chronicle of Higher Education

J-PAL affiliate Bruce Sacerdote has studied the effects that college roommates have on each other.

6 août 2015
Esther Duflo and Dean Karlan

With any study, a different set of assumptions will naturally deliver different results. However the superiority (or at least equal validity) of any new set of assumptions needs to be justified before this invalidates the original results.

5 août 2015
The New York Times

Giving more people health insurance may improve their health and financial security, but it does not save money.

3 août 2015
The Berkeley Blog

Replications are essential to science, but they can also be flawed.

1 août 2015
The Economist

A multi-country study comes up with a universal method to help the very poor.

30 juillet 2015

J-PAL affiliate Edward Miguel finds that most households and businesses in Kenya still face major barriers to accessing electricity.

29 juillet 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation

Michael Kremer and Edward Miguel clear up flaws in the re-analysis of their deworming study.

24 juillet 2015
Harvard University

The Cochrane Review’s recommendation is at odds with most other groups in the policy discussion on deworming.