Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
5 septembre 2014
CNBC Africa

Rachel Glennerster discusses the economic impact of Ebola on Sierra Leone's food and market prices.

31 août 2014
The Hindu

The CBSE’s system needs a “thorough review,” according to an evaluation by J-PAL and the Government of Haryana.

28 août 2014
International Business Times

Five J-PAL affiliates have been named on the IMF's list of "25 Brightest Young Economists."

25 août 2014

Government schools in Bihar group children by level of learning instead of age to improve outcomes.

21 août 2014

Researchers discuss the psychology of poverty and what’s being done to combat its stresses.

17 août 2014
Skoll World Forum

Well-designed randomized evaluations can help us to understand the complexity of real-world problems.

17 août 2014
The World Bank

Saving is possible even for the very poor, but what makes it so difficult?

8 août 2014
The Times of India

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu announced a partnership with J-PAL to assess the efficacy of state government programs.

6 août 2014
Harvard Buisness School Working Knowledge

Nava Ashraf explains why it makes sense for field researchers to coproduce knowledge with the people they study and serve.

6 août 2014

Abhijit Banerjee discusses the emerging economic and social challenges in India.