Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
14 janvier 2015
The New York Times

J-PAL affiliate Rohini Pande on the power of women in Indian villages.

12 janvier 2015
The Guardian

How can we reach the world's poorest? Research in Bangladesh is leading the way.

8 janvier 2015
Financial Times

International Rescue Committee, a J-PAL partner, has launched a new lab to evaluate its effectiveness.

23 décembre 2014
Yale University

J-PAL affiliate Mushfiq Mobarak on encouraging people to adopt behaviors that are likely to improve their welfare.

23 décembre 2014
Washington Post

Rates of voter registration were higher among those who received a letter stating they were eligible to vote.

22 décembre 2014

Do your research first, give abroad, and consider just giving cash.

17 décembre 2014
The LA Times

Strong evidence is key to determining a charity's impact.

16 décembre 2014
Harvard Magazine

J-PAL affiliate Rohini Pande on the root causes of violence against women in South Asia.

15 décembre 2014
The Wall Street Journal

Research by J-PAL affiliate Dean Karlan helps explain what gets people to give.