Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
28 mai 2014

Research shows little evidence on the benefits of cookstoves to health or pollution, and whether or not people are willing to use and maintain them.

27 mai 2014
Bloomberg View

Research from Dean Karlan reveals how donors respond to new information about a charity’s effectiveness.

27 mai 2014
MIT News

J-PAL postdoc Johannes Haushofer discusses the need for further research on the psychological conditions of the very poor.

14 mai 2014
The New York Times

Though we often think of peer pressure in negative terms, it can also be used as a tool to encourage life-saving behavior.

5 mai 2014

Results from randomized evaluations suggest that involving parents is a potent, cost-effective and scalable way to increase student achievement.

2 mai 2014
Games for Change

Professor Karlan shares his expertise on impact assessment and his ideas on prediction games for personal behavior modification.

2 mai 2014
San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley's Center for Effective Global Action is at the vanguard of a national trend toward providing better metrics.

1 mai 2014
Financial Express

The senior-level Evidence-to-Policy workshop was organized in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh, IPA, J-PAL, BRAC, and CEGA.

26 avril 2014
Foreign Affairs

Cash grants to the poor are as good as many traditional forms of aid when it comes to reducing poverty.

24 avril 2014
Stanford Social Innovation Review

A commitment to impact evaluation is the mark of a nonprofit organization that takes its work seriously.