Des articles sur J-PAL et nos communiqués de presse 
24 mars 2015
Providence Journal

On March 26, Amy Finkelstein will deliver the annual Paul Levinger Lecture at Brown University.

24 mars 2015
WPFW 89.3 FM

Rachel Glennerster discusses J-PAL's work in both areas. (Segment begins at 37:51.)

19 mars 2015
Stanford Social Innovation Review

How a proven intervention--deworming kids--was scaled to millions in Kenya.

18 mars 2015
MIT News

Amy Finkelstein spotted an opportunity to bring randomized evaluation to one of the most pressing questions of the day.

17 mars 2015
The Wall Street Journal

A fresh debate on microcredit has been prompted by J-PAL affiliates' research.

16 mars 2015

J-PAL's latest policy bulletin has sparked discussions about the use of microcredit in development.

16 mars 2015

Dean Karlan discusses the influential new studies on microcredit's social impact.

11 mars 2015
Fast Company

Microfinance does allow people to start new businesses and generate revenue—it just doesn't lead to higher income.

3 mars 2015
Washington Post Blog

A summary of the findings outlined in J-PAL and IPA's microcredit policy bulletin.

3 mars 2015
The Brown Daily Herald

At a recent panel discussion featuring his work, J-PAL affiliate Raj Chetty spoke about inequality of opportunity in America.