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J-PAL 101x will provide a thorough understanding of how randomized evaluations can be used to evaluate social and development programs.

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Seven randomized evaluations from around the world show that microcredit does not have a transformative impact on poverty, but it can give low-income households more freedom in optimizing the ways they make money, consume, and invest.

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Environmental auditors in Gujarat, India

Regulators approved the reforms after collaborating with J-PAL affiliates on a pilot experiment that showed more accurate audit reports and lower pollution emissions.

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J-PAL's mission is to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence.

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Running Randomized Evaluations

A practical guide to running randomized evaluations from J-PAL's Executive Director Rachel Glennerster and Kudzai Takavarasha

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March 24 - Providence Journal

On March 26, Amy Finkelstein will deliver the annual Paul Levinger Lecture at Brown University.

March 24 - WPFW 89.3 FM

Rachel Glennerster discusses J-PAL's work in both areas. (Segment begins at 37:51.)