Recruitment Timeline 


Recruitment Drive, November 16th, 2015 - January 8th, 2016 (Now Open!)
While the J-PAL network fills positions on a rolling basis throughout the year, the bulk of positions are filled during our annual recruitment drives. If you are interested in working for J-PAL or its partner organizations, applying during a recruitment drive maximizes your chances of having your application reviewed by many researchers and hiring managers in our network. Please visit our jobs page for up to date job postings.  

During our recruitment drive, J-PAL collects a mass of applications from qualified applicants. Staff from J-PAL, IPA, and partner organizations review all applications submitted during this period, and after the recruitment drive deadline, they create a database that serves as a recruiting resource for our network’s researchers and research centers. J-PAL staff, researchers, and hiring managers will browse applicants by a rating of application strength, geographic location, flexibility, and language skills. They contact short-listed applicants for interviews over the following few months. Candidates may receive interviews from several researchers or organizations throughout the selection process. Start dates for positions vary, but most will be in June or September.

Rolling Recruitment
Recruitment outside of the J-PAL recruitment drives is conducted position by position. Timelines depend wholly on the needs of the projects, and often positions will post proposed start dates and deadlines for applications. A good general rule is that the sooner you submit your application the better. The majority of finalists for specifically posted positions will be contacted by hiring managers within a month of applying for the position.