March 31, 2014

Research Webinar with Jens Ludwig on the Becoming a Man (BAM) Program in Chicago | Sharing Evidence on What Works to Improve Youth Labor Productivity | Featured Affiliate: Jeanne Lafortune | Announcing J-PAL's Logo Contest

February 28, 2014

Sharing Evidence on Voter Knowledge Initiatives in Sierra Leone | Enrollment Open for Online Executive Education Course | Featured Affiliate: Jessica Cohen

January 29, 2014

Videos from J-PAL@TEN Now Available Online | New Policy Briefcase: Insuring the Uninsured | Research Webinar this Friday on School Choice in Andhra Pradesh, India

November 30, 2013

Running Randomized Evaluations: A Practical Guide  | Annual Recruitment Drive Opens | Featured Partner: Evidence Action

October 31, 2013

J-PAL@TEN | New Policy Briefcase: Truth-Telling in Third Party Audits | J-PAL Welcomes New Affiliated Professors

September 30, 2013

New Policy Briefcase: Informing Future Choices | J-PAL Launches Research Webinar Series with Affiliated Professors | Featured Affiliate: Kelsey Jack 

August 31, 2013

J-PAL Launches a New Regional Office for North America | J-PAL Welcomes New Affiliated Professors | Featured Partner: TECHO

July 31, 2013

European Commission Selects J-PAL Europe to Evaluate Social Policies | Using Evidence to Inform National Education Policy in Kenya | Featured Evaluation: Channeling Remittances Towards Education Expenditures in El Salvador

June 28, 2013
President of Indonesia Formally Opens J-PAL Southeast Asia Office | American Economic Association (AEA) Launches a Registry for RCTs | J-PAL Welcomes New Affiliated Professors | Using Evidence to Address Youth Unemployment in Africa | New Partnership with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
May 31, 2013

From Evidence to Policy: Decision Science Symposium in Rwanda | J-PAL Launches a Post-Primary Education Initiative | Featured Affiliate: Tavneet Suri