August 6, 2015

Cabinet Office of Zambia convenes seminar with IPA and J-PAL | New briefcase on public and private job counseling in France | J-PAL welcomes new affiliated professors | Deworming: An informed debate requires a careful look at the data

July 7, 2015

New briefcase on short and longer-term impacts of community monitoring in Uganda | J-PAL, RISE, and the World Bank host French-language impact evaluation training in Cote d’Ivoire | Featured Affiliate: Judd Kessler | Chris Blattman, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel at the Annual Bank Conference on Africa | Results and policy implications from the "Graduation Program"

June 4, 2015

Anti-poverty strategy shows sustained benefit for world’s ultra-poor | New partnership initiative to expand work with governments on evidence-informed policymaking | New policy briefcase: Moving to Opportunity | Featured Affiliate: Joseph Doyle | Pascaline Dupas named best French young economist 2015

April 30, 2015

Roland Fryer wins John Bates Clark medal for work on racial inequality | J-PAL at the Arab Youth Employment Conference in Amman, Jordan | Featured Affiliate: Costas Meghir

March 31, 2015

J-PAL Executive Director Rachel Glennerster discusses best practices for presenting evidence at Santiago workshop | Featured Affiliate: Francisco Gallego | Impact Boot Camp: J-PAL Europe and Erasmus University host two-day course for impact investors in Rotterdam in May

February 26, 2015

Feb 27 Live Webcast of World Bank Conference on Microcredit | New Policy Bulletin: Where Credit Is Due | Featured Affiliate: Philip Oreopoulos | Sign Up for Our Open Online Course on Evaluating Social Programs, April 1–May 8

January 30, 2015

Gujarat’s Pollution Control authority adopts environmental audit reforms after impact study shows they reduce pollution | The Barriers to Agricultural Technology Take-Up in Ghana | J-PAL Welcomes New Affiliated Professors 

December 18, 2014

Work with us: Apply by January 6 | French government scales up study by J-PAL affiliates to reduce school dropouts | Featured Affiliate: Cynthia Kinnan | J-PAL named one of 85 most disruptive ideas by Bloomberg Businessweek

November 24, 2014

Tamil Nadu government partners with J-PAL to institutionalize evidence in policymaking | High-level events in Nepal promote randomized evaluations | Featured affiliate: Enrique Seira

October 31, 2014

Leading US Researchers Discuss Evaluating Health Care Delivery at Cambridge Conference | Live Webinar on November 4 with Tavneet Suri (MIT) on Collateralized Loans in Kenya | J-PAL Welcomes New Affiliated Professors | Seeking Executive Directors for Latin America & Caribbean and North America Offices