Masha Bertling

Pre-Doctoral Education Measurement Fellow, J-PAL Global

Masha Bertling is a Pre-Doctoral Education Measurement Fellow at J-PAL and a PhD candidate at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Her primary research aim is to advance psychometric and statistical models to better inform educational policies and practices. Masha is collaborating with the J-PAL Education team, Karthik Muralidharan (J-PAL Education Sector Co-chair), and Abhijeet Singh (Stockholm School of Economics) on improving the measurement of learning outcomes in education research and enabling scientifically valid comparisons across countries and contexts of learning levels, and of the effect sizes of interventions.

As a member of the technical advisory committee at ACT, she evaluates (in collaboration with Andrew Ho and Josh Goodman) the impact of multiple testing occasions (i.e., retesting) and related practices, such as superscoring, on college access and success for economically disadvantaged student groups. As a member of Luke Miratrix’s causal inference lab, Masha works on evaluation and design of new methodology for estimating heterogeneous treatment effects in multi-site randomized control trials.

Before pursuing her doctorate degree, Masha worked as a senior research assistant at Educational Testing Service (ETS). She holds an AM in Statistics from Harvard University and enjoys teaching.