Twitter recap: J-PAL and IPA’s financial inclusion Twitter chat

A woman completes paperwork in front of cash register

A woman attends to finances in her shop. Photo: Paul Smith | IPA/J-PAL

On October 31, J-PAL’s Finance Sector staff and IPA’s Financial Inclusion Program staff co-hosted a Twitter chat as part of the Center for Financial Inclusion’s Financial Inclusion Week (#FinclusionWeek). We invited people on Twitter to ask us anything about the evidence in financial inclusion, and we received questions on a range of topics.

For those who missed it, we’re recapping the conversation here so you can catch up and reference some of the resources we shared.

Nikkie asked about our work in the Philippines:

Village Enterprise and Giovanni asked about the evidence to support financial inclusion among disadvantaged populations. We responded with main takeaways and examples of studies that illustrate those concepts:

We also received a couple of questions about digital financial services, including the dual role that technology can play in both widening and limiting access:

We had a lot to share about what happens when linking credit and insurance products: 

Village Enterprise had a few questions regarding savings models. Once again, we shared a review paper that covers the breadth of savings evidence and we highlighted some key examples:

We also shared evidence regarding group versus individual liability in microfinance:

A question about tailored loan products generated a bit of discussion:

We discussed challenges in implementing evaluations:

And the evidence on microcredit:

We also answered questions on other topics like financial education, energy, migration, and cryptocurrencies:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this lively discussion! for more of the evidence in financial inclusion, visit our evaluation page.

Posted by Lucia Diaz-Martin, Policy Manager, J-PAL Global