Program Specialist, Real Man Challenge - IPA

  • Peru
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
Start Date (Earliest):
Language Requirement:
  • Spanish
Length of Commitment:
Less than one year

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) seeks a qualified Program Specialist based in Peru to assist with the adaptation and implementation of a violence prevention program in Peru. The project will be launched in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, the Interamerican Development Bank, and the Peruvian Ministry of Women.

The Real Man Challenge (RMC) is a program that aims to create small behavioral and social norms change across many men through the use of exclusive WhatsApp groups. The RMC targets the root causes of intimate partner violence by affirming healthy male identity and encouraging men to practice positive behaviors with their partners across the following topics: emotional regulation, communication, consensual sex and shared financial control. Beyond WhatsApp messages, hosts will also share video, audio and other multimedia content that may provide opportunities to generate conversation among group participants that produce behavioral or social norms change. These characteristics—especially the group nature, social accountability and its interactivity—   are the reason why the WhatsApp intervention offers the potential to generate larger impact.

RMC has been previously piloted and tested in Liberia and Uganda. This next phase of work will use a human centered design process with extensive prototyping and testing to bring a new version of the RMC to Latin America, specifically Peru.

  • The Program Specialist will work alongside the Airbel Impact Lab, the IRC’s Research and Innovation arm, with their Product Design lead to create an appropriate product strategy and leadership implementation.
  • The position will include managing the content adaptation process, supporting the RMC hosts who run WhatsApp groups, managing the automation platform, and working with partners to support participants.
  • This role will be a full-time position for 7 months.

The program services specialist will be an integral part of the program implementation.

  • Content adaptation: the Program Specialist will help coordinate a team of experts with content adaptation, providing information, ensuring that the translation is correct, connecting with the WhatsApp automation service to ensure that the content is loaded correctly, and overseeing the process with the design lead.
  • Program oversight: During the initial phases of the investigation, the Program Services specialist will support the design lead in the process and partner management by connecting with partners when needed and updating project management tools like Asana. During implementation, the Program Specialist will manage the automated chatbot platform to ensure messages are delivered, connect to hosts to improve engagement, support hosts, record customer service incidents and questions, and point out security risks and connect with necessary partners when necessary.
  • Program Reports: The Program Specialist is expected to share knowledge, challenges, difficulties, and opportunities about the program’s implementation during weekly calls and reports, and through a final report.

Work experience:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social Science, Public Policy, or related fields (e.g., public health, social work, gender studies, development studies, or related social sciences disciplines).
  • 3-5 years of experience in project or program management.
  • 2-3 years chatbot customer service experience (highly preferred, but not required).
  • Experience working with men related to gender or violence prevention preferred but not required.