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Transportation generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions and is a primary driver of pollution in cities. Given that billions will move into cities in the developing world in the coming decades, a key part of the fight to reduce global emissions is to promote public transit use. But at present, high quality options with the potential to entice middle income commuters are sparse and transit is instead provided by informal providers with old vehicles and unregulated networks. Should governments pursue new, expensive and centralized transit systems to reduce car dependence? Or are there cheaper reforms to the informal transit sector that could achieve a sizeable gain in the short- and medium run? 

This project will answer this question by (i) conducting an impact evaluation of a new government bus system in Lagos, Nigeria and (ii) estimating a model of the decentralized informal minibus market to evaluate policy options for reform.

We are seeking a motivated research associate to support our team with conduct 3 RCTs during Q1 of 2023. The position will last at least 4 months, with potential extension to 6. The ideal candidate would be able to spend a couple of months in Lagos during the pilot phase and rollout of the RCTs, but can be based elsewhere for the duration (with as similar timezone to WAT as possible preferred). The work will entail (i) overseeing the RCTs, reporting back to PIs and tweaking the design as appropriate and (ii) conducting responsive data analysis as the fieldwork is being rolled out (primarily in Stata and/or Python).

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor degree (or higher) in economics, proficiency with Stata and/or Python, and some prior fieldwork experience. Nigerian candidates or others with experience in Lagos will be preferred, but this is not required. 

Our team will assist with a visa if needed (depending on duration of time in Lagos).

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] with the title "Research Associate Position: Lagos" including (i) CV, (ii) transcript, (iii) a paragraph or two about why you think you are a good fit for the role and (iv) the email of one reference.