RFE Analyst - Harvard Center for International Development

  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • United States of America
  • Bachelor's
Start Date (Earliest):
Length of Commitment:
Two years

This is an entry-level position with high potential for growth within the team. This job provides a unique opportunity to get exposure to all aspects of a mission-driven international advisory unit. It is an ideal early-career job if you are interested in the international development and/or evidence space but haven’t had the opportunity to specialize in a specific functional role. This role will give you insights on the administrative, programmatic, and managerial aspects of our work as well as a wide range of international development sector work. You will get exposure to many different projects, all aligned with evidence-based program learning and improvement, across a wide variety of organizations working in the international development space. In addition, this role is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to structured problem-solving and communication skills associated with consulting and advisory teams, a highly sought-after skill for all careers.


The responsibilities in this job will be extremely diverse. On the same day you might be working on a budget projection, editing a deliverable, scheduling a team meeting, taking notes in a high-stakes client interview, drafting a blog post, or organizing a team-building activity. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what we expect someone in this position to work on:

Programmatic and Communication support

  • Support the development and implementation of RFE advisory engagements (e.g. online research on defined topics, synthesis of documents or papers, drafting of parts of presentations, proposals or reports)
  • Drafting and/or editing proposals, reports and slide decks (design, structure, spelling, etc.)
  • Taking notes and synthesizing key take-aways and next steps from client meetings
  • Drafting social media and blog posts to support greater access to and uptake of evidence and learning-based approaches in international development
  • Reviewing inquiries from potential external partners in the RFE inbox

Administrative & team management support

  • Supporting with building budgets and other types of projections (e.g staffing) on Excel and other appropriate software
  • Coordinating agenda setting for team meetings
  • Scheduling meetings across stakeholders and timezones
  • Organizing team building activities
  • Managing RFE project databases and updating IPA’s customer relationship management (CRM) database records
  • Assisting with knowledge management and organizing documents
  • Miscellaneous recruitment support


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Public Policy, Social Science, or a related field
  • Demonstrated interest in the international development and the evidence space
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills, self-starter mindset
  • Interest and ability to learn at a fast pace
  • Strong analytical and conceptual thinking skills
  • Strong command of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Solid writing skills in English and ability to synthetize information in an insightful way
  • Work authorization in the US (OPT included), Colombia, Peru or Mexico

Preferred additional qualifications

  • Exposure to the international development space
  • Familiarity with statistics/econometrics and data analysis
  • Interest in content development and social media influence
  • Fluency in French and/or Spanish would be a plus