Environment & Energy

J-PAL’s Environment & Energy sector measures the real-world impacts of energy and environmental policies, particularly on energy access, pollution reduction, and climate change mitigation and resilience.


Envirodevonomics: A Research Agenda for a Young Field

Why is environmental quality so poor in developing countries despite its high health and economic costs? J-PAL affiliates Michael Greenstone and Kelsey Jack propose four explanations and lay out a...


Gujarat adopts reforms after impact study shows they reduce pollution

Environmental authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat reform their auditing system after collaborating with J-PAL affiliates on a large-scale study that showed more accurate audit reports and...


Meredith Fowlie

Meredith Fowlie is an Associate Professor in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on the intersection of industrial...

Hand holds up infrared sensor in front of house


Reducing Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficient Retrofits: Evidence from Low-Income Households

Can encouraging low-income households to participate in a subsidized weatherization program help increase energy efficiency?


Truth-Telling in Third-Party Audits

Changing the market for environmental audits to incentivize accurate reporting in Gujarat, India made auditors more likely to report the truth about industrial plants’ pollution levels. In response,...


Up in Smoke

In Odisha, India improved cooking stoves did not reduce smoke exposure, improve health, or reduce fuel usage of recipients because they were not used regularly and recipients did not invest to...