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Crimen, violencia, y conflicto, Salud, Economía Política y Gobernabilidad

The Impact of Priming Adverse Events on Reports of Depression in Nigeria

Julian Jamison , Kevin Robert McGee, Gbemisola Oseni, Julie Perng, Ryoko Sato, Tomomi Tanaka, Renos Vakis

Researchers randomized the order of questions in a national survey to examine the effect of triggering memories of difficult events, such as conflicts, shocks, and death, on reported levels of depression across households in Nigeria. They found that having his/her painful memories triggered, respondents who experienced an adverse event were more likely to report symptoms of depression.

Mercado Laboral

Raising awareness about job training in Germany

Gerard van den Berg , Christine Dauth, Pia Homrighausen, Gesine Stephan

Researchers evaluated the effects of an information campaign on workers’ awareness of and participation in a program that subsidizes skills-building training in Germany. Results showed that the information campaign doubled workers’ awareness of the program on average, but had no effects on program take-up or on labor market outcomes one to two years later.


Diffusing New Seeds through Social Networks in Indian Village Economies

Kyle Emerick

Can social diffusion of information in agriculture effectively spread agricultural technologies?  The researcher conducted a randomization in rural Odisha in India, by comparing adoption of a new seed variety through farmer-to-farmer networks in one half as benchmarked by door-to-door sales of the same seed. Trading between farmers leads to substantial under-adoption of agricultural...

Finanzas, Gender

The Impact of Financial Education for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Dean Yang , Rashmi Barua, Gauri Kartini Shastry

Researchers evaluated the impact of a financial literacy program for Filipino domestic workers based in Singapore on their financial knowledge, behavior, savings, and remittances. While there was no evidence that being invited to join the program had any impact on financial knowledge or behavior, program invitees reported reductions in self-reported savings, as well as more disagreements with...

Educación, Finanzas

The Impact of School Fee Loans on Educational Outcomes in Uganda

Researchers are evaluating the impact of a digital school fee loan, with and without a direct repayment incentive, on repayment rates, households’ well-being, and students’ educational outcomes.

Fishermen in boats.

Medio Ambiente y Energía, Economía Política y Gobernabilidad

Protecting Fisheries through Enforcement and Information Campaigns in Chile

Mushfiq Mobarak , Andres Gonzalez-Lira

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of enforcement visits to fish markets and a consumer information campaign on the illegal sale of hake fish. They found that both the information campaign and enforcement visits reduced hake availability and consumption.