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Economía Política y Gobernabilidad, Salud

The impact of pay for performance in a multi-layered health system in Sierra Leone

Erika Deserranno, Philipp Kastrau, Gianmarco León-Ciliotta

While pay for performance programs have had promising effects on the job performance of frontline service providers, few studies have evaluated the effects of such programs on supervisors or managers within health systems. Researchers are evaluating the effect of incentivizing community health workers, their supervisors, or both on health service delivery and health outcomes.

Educación, Gender

Evaluation of Female Supervisor Effectiveness in the Bangladesh Garments Sector

Christopher Woodruff , Rocco Macchiavello

Researchers are exploring whether a vocational training program can successfully improve productivity and help women advance into management.

Agricultura, Gender

Agricultural Information Diffusion through Social Networks and its Impact on Gender Inequality in Mali

Lori Beaman , Andrew Dillon

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in Mali to study the role of giving information to different people within a network in the spread of that information. People who were social and more closely connected to those who were trained had more information.


The Impact of Education Technology and Teacher Training on Student Learning in India

Andreas de Barros

In partnership with Avanti Fellows, this study evaluates the impact of the Sankalp program, which provides teachers with resources and training to blend their instruction with video-based learning materials, on student’s math and science test scores.


Evaluating the Welfare Impacts of the Payday Loan Industry in the United States

Hunt Allcott, Jonathan Zinman , Joshua Kim, Dmitry Taubinsky

Researchers are working with a large payday lender to conduct an evaluation to better understand consumers’ decision-making with regard to payday loans.

Crimen, violencia, y conflicto, Educación

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training Using Imagery Techniques in Colombia

Nava Ashraf, Gharad Bryan , Alexia Delfino, Leonardo Iacovone, Ashley Pople

Researchers are designing and evaluating a soft skills training program that incorporates imagery techniques—which encourage participants to envision future scenarios or adopt the perspectives of others—for entrepreneurs who have experienced violence or other traumatic or challenging life circumstances in Bogotá, Colombia.