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La ampliación de servicios de guarderías infantiles en Chile y sus efectos en la participación laboral femenina

Marcela Perticará

En Chile, investigadores realizaron una evaluación aleatorizada para medir los efectos en la empleabilidad femenina de un programa de provisión de cuidado infantil para los horarios después de finalizada la jornada escolar. El programa aumentó la participación laboral femenina en la fuerza laboral y...

Graduating Low-Income Households in Honduras

Bram Thuysbaert
Catherine Timura
To test this theory, researchers in six countries evaluated a multi-faceted approach aimed at improving long term income of low-income households. They found that the approach had long-lasting economic and self-employment impacts and that the long-run benefits, measured in terms of household...

Providing Information and Application Assistance to Improve Social Pension Enrollment in India

Sarika Gupta
The researcher evaluated the impact of providing eligible women with program information and various levels of application assistance for the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme on program knowledge, application completion, and enrollment. Offering more involved application assistance increased average...

Secondary School Scholarships to Increase Girls' Skill Development, Empowerment, and Job Opportunities in Niger

Hélène Giacobino
Bastien Michel
The Government of Niger, the National Institute of Statistics, and the World Bank are partnering with researchers to evaluate the impact of secondary school scholarships for girls on skill development, empowerment, and job opportunities.

The Impact of Phone-based Job Search Assistance on Women’s Economic Recovery From the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan

Kate Vyborny
Nivedhitha Subramanian
The economic crisis resulting from COVID-19 is expected to affect women disproportionately. In Pakistan, researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a job search assistance platform on men's and women’s return to searching for jobs and working during the COVID-19...

The Effects of a Universal Basic Income during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya

Michael Faye
Alan Krueger
Taking advantage of a pre-existing large-scale evaluation of a universal basic income project in Kenya, researchers measured how different types of cash transfers impact recipients’ income, reported well-being, food security, mental health, and social interaction in the context of the COVID-19...

Promoting Safe Sex Among Adolescents in Tanzania

Jennifer Muz
Researchers, in partnership with BRAC, are conducting a randomized evaluation with both male and female adolescents in Tanzania to identify the differential impacts of demand side and supply side interventions and to better understand the role males play in affecting sexual and reproductive health...

Microfinance Repayment Schedules in West Bengal, India

John Papp
Jeannette Park
Researchers tested two features of these contracts, repayment frequency and the time of the first repayment, to determine if characteristics of the loan contract affect borrowers’ repayment behavior and the types of investments they make. They found that less frequent repayments did not increase...