Alison Fahey
(617) 324-6363

Alison Fahey

Associate Director of Policy, J-PAL Global
Project Director, MENA Initiative

Alison Fahey is the Associate Director of Policy at J-PAL. She works with policymakers, J-PAL affiliates, and J-PAL staff to disseminate evidence from randomized evaluations and help organizations around the world integrate evidence into the policy design process. She leads J-PAL and IPA's Governance, Crime, and Conflict Initiative and manages J-PAL's Finance and Political Economy & Governance Sectors. She also leads J-PAL's work in the Middle East and North Africa.

Prior to joining J-PAL in 2014, Alison worked in a variety of positions related to service delivery, economic growth, and decentralization in several countries. She was the Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor on a USAID project focusing on service delivery improvement with municipalities of western Afghanistan, and did similar work with the Ministry of Finance in Jordan on a fiscal reform project. At the World Bank in Indonesia, Alison researched social accountability mechanisms to improve school performance. Alison was a Fulbright Scholar in Jordan. She holds an MPA in international development from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and a BA in international studies from Boston College.