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Bajo la orientación de miembros de la Junta Directiva, los sectores de J-PAL proveen liderazgo intelectual para el trabajo de investigación y de políticas de J-PAL.


Temporary Labor Migration as Mitigation: Strategies for Managing Seasonal Famine in Bangladesh

Can monetary incentives induce rural farmers to migrate to cities and pursue seasonal labor opportunities during times of famine?

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Protecting Farmers from Weather-Based Risk

Weather index insurance protects farmers against losses from extreme weather and facilitates investment in their farms, but randomized evaluations have shown low demand for these products at market...

Woman uses a small machine to scan a person's fingerprint


Improving Governance Through Biometric Authentication and Secure Payments in India

In India, a biometrically authenticated payment system reduced corruption and substantially improved the delivery of government social assistance programs despite partial implementation.


Reducing Crime with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy helped young urban men in Liberia and the United States become more focused on the future, reducing criminal and violent behavior and increasing graduation rates when...

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Asistencia Escolar

Existen muchas maneras de aumentar la matrícula y asistencia, pero existe una gran diferencia entre los costos de los programas.

Zambian woman talks to nurse in front of table with birth control options


Adopción de Anticonceptivos, Fertilidad y la Familia en Zambia

La evidencia sugiere que la participación masculina en la decisión de buscar servicios de planificación familiar lleva a una reducción en la utilización de anticonceptivos en Zambia.


Tackling crime and violence in Latin America with cognitive behavioral therapy

Developing new strategies to reduce crime and violence is a top priority for Latin American policymakers. Much of the violence in the region affects young men as both victims and perpetrators....