Elghafiky Bimardhika

Headshot of Elghafiky Bimardhika

Research Manager, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Elghafiky Bimardhika is a Research Manager at J-PAL South East Asia. His portfolio of research experience at J-PAL SEA is: early childhood development, social protection, drug rehabilitation, distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic, gender-based violence & unpaid care work, financial inclusion, tax education, and labor market. Other than research projects, he also supervises the establishment and the development of Komite Etik Penelitian, an IRB under J-PAL SEA's host institution, LPEM FEB UI. He is also a member of the J-PAL Gender Working Group.

Prior to joining J-PAL Southeast Asia in 2019, he worked at AIP-Rural, a partnership program between the Australian and the Indonesian government focusing on promoting a market approach to deliver rural economic empowerment. Before that, he was enrolled in a management trainee program in a foreign bank, dealing with small and medium enterprises customers.

Elghafiky holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Indonesia and was active in parliamentary debate activities during college.