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Navegue a través de nuestras actualizaciones más recientes en investigación, extensión de políticas y capacitación de nuestras seis oficinas regionales.

Three people stand at corrugated tin stand advertising mobile services in a field in Kenya


Unconditional Cash Transfers: Investing Directly in Poor Families

GiveDirectly has expanded its cash transfer program, which was found in a randomized evaluation to have improved economic and psychological well-being in Kenya, to reach over 60,000 households in...

Marc Gurgand presenting


Labor Economics Special Edition on Field Experiments

Marc Gurgand, J-PAL Europe Scientific Director, and Michael Rosholm (J-PAL, Aarhus University) edited a special edition of Labour Economics, one of the top economics journals in the field. This...

Marco Gonzalez Navarro standing in modern building


Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro es Assistant Professor en la University of Toronto. Su área de investigación es desarrollo, enfocado en infraestructura básica en países en desarrollo. Su trabajo actual...

Students working together on a laptop.


Technology is transforming what happens when a child goes to school

How can we use technology to close inequalities in education? “There are not many other interventions with credible evidence showing these kinds of effects,” says Phil Oreopoulos (University of...

An animated teacher delivering a lesson


How to make government officers more efficient

Policy Manager Vishnu Padmanabhan summarizes research from J-PAL affiliates on improving the productivity of government workers by changing recruitment processes, implementing incentives, and...

Women seated on wood porch with papers


Transparency for Development (T4D) in Indonesia

Poor governance may be one factor that contributes to low-quality public healthcare and service delivery, but evidence on the effectiveness of programs that aim to strengthen the transparency and...