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Navegue a través de nuestras actualizaciones más recientes en investigación, extensión de políticas y capacitación de nuestras seis oficinas regionales.

Women laboring as part of MGNREGS


Getting India's women into the workforce: Time for a smart approach

Co-Chair of J-PAL's Political Economy and Governance sector, Rohini Pande, discusses policies to overcome social norms that discourage Indian women from working.

Woman and young man look at homework in a library


Tutoring and Career Counseling for High School Students in France (Talens)

If disadvantaged students lack information about their educational opportunities after high-school and the academic preparation they need to succeed in top universities, they may be less likely to...


Evidence Wrap-Up: Evaluations in North America

J-PAL North America’s “Evidence Wrap-Up” summarizes research by J-PAL affiliates in the region, in sectors ranging from crime prevention to voting. J-PAL affiliated researchers have conducted more...


IPA/J-PAL Africa Executive Education Course, 2017

This five-day program on evaluating social programs will provide a thorough understanding of randomized evaluations and pragmatic step-by-step training for conducting one’s own evaluation.The course...

Man pours out bucket of water


Scaling Up Sanitation: Evidence from an RCT in Indonesia

This paper evaluates the effectiveness of a widely used sanitation intervention, Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), using a randomized controlled trial. The intervention was implemented at scale...

Shopkeeper writes a receipt


The Role of the VAT for Tax Enforcement

The Value Added Tax (VAT) system, which generates a paper trail on transactions between firms, facilitated tax enforcement by spreading the impact of enforcement measures up the production chain in a...