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Navegue a través de nuestras actualizaciones más recientes en investigación, extensión de políticas y capacitación de nuestras seis oficinas regionales.

Red car with campaign posters supporting FRELIMO party


Improving Voter Participation through Mobile Phones and Newspapers in Mozambique

Many countries have struggled to build democratic institutions that respond to the will of the general population. Researchers followed the introduction in Mozambique of an information campaign using...


Evaluating a Tax Holiday Lottery in Uruguay

Researchers tested in the case of Montevideo, Uruguay the impact of winning a tax holiday on subsequent tax compliance. Winners of the tax holiday lottery were 3 percentage points less likely to pay...

Youth at the Bavarian State Opera House in Munich, Germany.


Charitable Giving by Corporations and Aristocrats in Germany

Researchers partnered with the Bavarian State Opera House to conduct a randomized evaluation to test the impact of different fundraising methods on the giving behavior of aristocrats and corporations...

Two drawers pulled open from a card catalog


Cheaper, faster randomized evaluations: Administrative data catalog released by J-PAL North America

Hospitals, governments, school systems, and many other institutions gather a wealth of data on individuals for operational purposes. J-PAL North America recently launched a catalog of administrative...

Child gets blood tested by doctor


Innovative Approaches to Improving Child Health in India: Announcing J-PAL South Asia’s Cash Transfers for Child Health Initiative

2017 marks J-PAL South Asia’s tenth anniversary and a significant milestone in J-PAL’s work to reduce poverty through evidenced-informed policymaking.


Lisa Cameron

Lisa Cameron is a Professor of Econometrics at Monash University. Her research explores questions related to education, health, and labor markets, focusing often on the effects of social programs on...