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J-PAL tiene una oficina global en Cambridge, MA y seis oficinas regionales.

Three women engage in manual labor


Fund-flow reforms for improved social program delivery in India

Central and State governments in India have adopted a financial reform to enhance public service delivery informed by evidence.


Evidence Wrap-Up: Evaluations in North America

J-PAL North America’s “Evidence Wrap-Up” summarizes research by J-PAL affiliates in the region, in sectors ranging from crime prevention to voting. J-PAL affiliated researchers have conducted more...

Mexico City skyline


Court Mediation Program Being Scaled Up to Improve Access to Justice in Mexico

The Mexico City Labor Court is collaborating with J-PAL affiliated professors, through support from J-PAL’s Government Partnership Initiative (GPI), to scale up results from an evaluation of a court...

Candidates participating in a filmed debate for the 2012 parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone.


Debates: The Impact of Voter Knowledge Initiatives in Sierra Leone

While political debates are often considered an integral part of campaigns, little evidence exists on the impact of debates on voters and candidates. In Sierra Leone, researchers evaluated the effect...

Man and woman receiving job counseling in France


Public or Private? Job Counseling in France

An intensive counseling program for job seekers at risk of long-term unemployment in France helped them find work sooner than the standard low-intensity counseling program, and the counseling was...


Using Identification Cards to Improve National Social Assistance in Indonesia

Identification cards printed with information about program eligibility and entitlements are a simple, low-cost way to improve access to targeted social assistance programs.

Kenya’s National School-Based Deworming Programme rolls out in Kwale province, Kenya.


Desparasitación Escolar

La desparasitación en las escuelas, es uno de los métodos más rentables para mejorar la participación escolar y la evidencia de J-PAL ha ayudado a promover esta práctica en todo el mundo.

TaRL training by District Education Officers, with Pratham, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh


Government of Andhra Pradesh to scale up ‘Teaching at the Right Level’ with Pratham and J-PAL South Asia at IFMR

On November 16, 2015, the Government of Andhra Pradesh signed a three-year partnership with Pratham Education Foundation and J-PAL South Asia at IFMR to scale up the ‘Teaching at the Right Level’ (...