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Finding Indonesia’s everyday heroes and marking the week of International Women’s Day

In light of recent studies showing Covid-19 has contributed to higher domestic violence rates and higher numbers of women leaving the labor force or working unpaid, strategies are being pushed for by activists to improve gender equality and social and economic services for women in Indonesia.

Half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April as a result of Covid-19 pandemic: Online survey

A survey conducted by J-PAL Southeast Asia shows that about half of Indonesia's workers stopped working in April due to COVID-19.

Los co-fundadores de J-PAL Abhijit Banerjee y Esther Duflo recibieron el Premio Nobel de Economía

Los co-fundadores del Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), Abhijit Banerjee y Esther Duflo, y el profesor afiliado de J-PAL, Michael Kremer, recibieron el Premio en Ciencias Económicas en memoria de Alfred Nobel 2019. El premio fue otorgado “por su aproximación experimental al alivio de la...

The Myth of Welfare Dependency

Recent research by affiliated researcher Rema Hanna suggests that the longer low-income families receive stable and predictable support, the better they and their children do.

Given an out, people still fall back into debt

Research conducted by J-PAL affiliates finds that keeping people out of debt traps isn’t as simple as paying off their loans.

For food-aid recipients, information is power

Research by Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna, Jordan Kyle, Ben Olken, and Sudarno Sumarto finds that distributing a simple card explaining a government aid program leads to poor villagers in Indonesia receiving more of the subsidized rice they are entitled to.