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More School Resources, Better Teacher Incentives, or Both to Improve Student Learning in Tanzania

Youdi Schipper
Constantine Manda
Rakesh Rajani
Researchers evaluated the impact of providing schools with an unconditional cash grant, a teacher incentive program, or both on student learning. The cash grant had no impact on student learning, while the teacher incentive program had mixed results. However, combining both programs together had an...

The Impact of Wages on Labor Supply in Rural Malawi

Researchers partnered with a local organization in Malawi to randomly vary the wages offered in a rural cash-for-work program, and evaluate the impact of wages on participants’ willingness to work. They found that nearly three-quarters of participants were willing to perform agricultural work even...

Reducing the Incidence of Vote Buying in Uganda

Horacio Larreguy
Benjamin Marx
Otis Reid
During the 2016 Ugandan elections, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation of an anti-vote-buying campaign to study voter behavior and electoral outcomes. Overall, the campaign did not reduce the extent of vote buying, but it had substantial effects on electoral outcomes.