Research Resources

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Recursos para Investigación

Junto a Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) recopilamos una lista de recursos para investigadores que estén implementando evaluaciones aleatorizadas o enseñando cómo ejecutarlas a otros investigadores.

Stata 104

This is an advanced, applied, Stata class. You should be quite comfortable using Stata. You are very familiar with the following concepts:

  • Loops with varlist and numlist, as well as while loops
  • The if command (distinct from the if qualifier)
  • N and _n
  •  by
  • egen

You are likely somewhat familiar with:

  • capture and assert
  • Saved results such as r(N), r(levels

The Lessons of Administrative Data

A document that highlights examples of landmark studies made possible by administrative data.

Using Administrative Data for Randomized Evaluations

A guide that provides practical guidance on how to obtain and use nonpublic administrative data for a randomized evaluation.

Administrative Steps for Launching a Randomized Evaluation in the United States

A checklist that provides guidance on the logistical and administrative steps that are necessary to launch a randomized evaluation that adheres to legal regulations, follows transparency guidelines required by many academic journals, and complies with security procedures required by regulatory or ethical standards.

Administrative Data Poster

A poster that summarizes some of the key takeaways and visuals from the guide: Using Administrative Data for Randomized Evaluations.

Common Questions and Concerns about Randomized Evaluations

A two-page document that addresses concerns potential evaluators may have about the logistical, ethical, and financial implications of running a randomized evaluation.

The Danger of Underpowered Evaluations

A one-page document that highlights the risks associated with running an evaluation that is not designed to detect a meaningful impact of a program.