The Impact of Cash and Microenterprise Support for the Ultra-Poor in Uganda

Julian Jamison
Eric Green
Jeannie Annan
Target group:
Women and girls
Intervention type:
Cash transfers Training
AEA RCT registration number:

Blattman, Christopher, Eric P. Green, Julian Jamison, M. Christian Lehmann and Jeannie Annan. 2016. "The Returns to Microenterprise Support among the Ultrapoor: A Field Experiment in Postwar Uganda." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 8(2): 35-64.

Green, E. P., Christopher Blattman, Julian Jamison, and Jeane Annan. 2016. "Does Poverty Alleviation Decrease Depression Symptoms in Post-Conflict Settings? A Cluster-randomized Trial of Microenterprise Assistance in Northern Uganda. Global mental health (Cambridge, England)3, e7. doi:10.1017/gmh.2015.28