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Labor Markets

Evaluating the Effects of Entrepreneurship Edutainment in Egypt

Bruno Crépon, William Parienté , Ghada Barsoum, Drew Gardiner, Paul Dyer, Marwa Moaz, Bastien Michel

Fostering youth entrepreneurship could help decrease youth unemployment. However, entrepreneurs face a number of barriers to launching and expanding their businesses. Researchers introduced a youth entrepreneurship reality TV show to evaluate the effects of a television show and entrepreneurial support activities on viewers’ attitudes, business practices, and employment status.

Finance, Firms

The Impact of Exporting: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Egypt

David Atkin, Adam Osman , Amit Khandelwal

In Egypt, researchers offered small-scale rug manufacturers the opportunity to export to high-income countries. They found that SMEs offered export opportunities increased both their profits and product quality relative to firms in a comparison group.


Graduating Microenterprises to Larger Loans in Egypt

Dean Karlan, Adam Osman, Gharad Bryan , Nader Kabbani

Previous research found that microcredit does not substantially improve borrowers’ income or social well-being, but less evidence exists on the impact of larger loans. In theory, if the size of microloans is too small to improve firm performance, then a larger loan size could potentially help microenterprises and microfinance institutions grow.

Finance, Labor Markets

The Impact of Loans, Cash, and In-Kind Grants for Microentrepreneurs in Egypt

Adam Osman, Bruno Crépon , Mohamed El-Komi

Low-income microentrepreneurs often lack the capital they need to start a new business or expand an existing business, but it is not clear whether capital should be delivered in the form of a loan, cash grant, or in-kind grant. In partnership with three microfinance institutions, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of providing loans, cash grants, or in-kind grants...