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Agriculture, Finance

Finding Missing Markets: An Agricultural Brokerage Intervention in Kenya

Dean Karlan, Nava Ashraf , Xavier Giné

Smallholder Kenyan farmers export more crops with credit and coordination services, but incomes do not significantly improve.


Rates of Return to Fertilizer: Evidence from Field Experiments in Kenya

Fertilizer can be profitable for farmers in Kenya, if used in the right quantities.

A man is looking out over the land in Kenya.

Agriculture, Finance

Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Complex implementation and information gaps explain why farmers do not use theoretically profitable fertilizers in Kenya.


Farmer Decision-Making and Technology Experimentation in Indonesia

Rema Hanna, Sendhil Mullainathan , Joshua Schwartzstein

Providing farmers with data on previously unnoticed factors affecting their crop yields can help them adopt optimal agricultural practices.

Agriculture, Finance

Demand for Rainfall Insurance in India

Shawn Cole , Daniel Stein, Xavier Gine, Jeremy Tobacman, Petia Topalova, Robert Townsend, James Vickery

In the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, researchers tested how demand for weather insurance responded to different marketing schemes and price discounts. They found that demand was very price sensitive, but that poor understanding of the product, distrust of insurance agents, and liquidity constraints also limited take-up.

Agriculture, Finance

Futures Prices and Risk Hedging in Gujarat, India

Does knowledge about future prices affect the crops farmers cultivate and their decision making process?