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Finance, Gender

Deposit Collectors in the Philippines

Researchers evaluated the impact of a door-to-door deposit-collecting service, which regularly collected funds from clients’ homes to be deposited at a local bank, on clients’ savings. Results demonstrated that clients who lived farther from a bank were more likely to take up the service, and clients who took up the service significantly increased their savings.

Finance, Gender

Measuring the Impact of Microcredit on Borrowing and Business Outcomes in the Philippines

Researchers measured the impact of individual-liability microcredit on marginally creditworthy applicants in the Philippines. They found that increased access to microcredit expanded borrowing and improved risk management and sharing, but it also led clients to shrink their businesses.

Health, Finance

CARES Commitment Savings for Smoking Cessation in the Philippines

Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman , Xavier Giné

Researchers evaluated the impact of a voluntary commitment savings program that allowed individuals to deposit a self-selected amount of their own money that would be forfeited if they did not quit smoking within six months. Results suggested that individuals who were offered the program were much more likely to quit smoking.


Determinants of Delinquency in the Philippines

In partnership with the Rural Bank of Mabitac in the Philippines, researchers carried out two experiments and a survey to collect information on individual’s personality traits. They then used this information to determine if potential clients with certain personality traits would pay back their loans. Researchers found that both individuals with higher moral standards and individuals who were...

Finance, Gender

Spousal Control and Intra-Household Decision Making in the Philippines

Researchers designed a field study to identify how information and communication affect intra-household decisions. They found that Filipino spouses who don't control the household spending and savings decisions deposit money into their own accounts in private settings and commit it to consumption for themselves in public settings.

Women receiving financial literacy training in the Philippines


The Psychology of Debt: An Experiment in India and the Philippines

Researchers are testing whether giving vendors money to pay off their outstanding debts or offering financial literacy trainings can help break these borrowers' cycles of debt.