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Pilipinas passport with flight ticket inside


Financial and Informational Barriers to Migration in the Philippines

Dean Yang , David McKenzie, Emily Beam

In the Philippines, researchers tested several interventions designed to ease informational, job search, and documentation barriers to working overseas. They found that some interventions increased the number of participants who searched for work or acquired passports, but none led to increases in international migration.


Text Message Loan Repayment Reminders for Micro-Borrowers in the Philippines

Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman , Melanie Morten

Researchers tested the effect of text message reminders on client repayment rates in the Phillippines. In contrast with previous research, they found that text message reminders did not increase repayment on average. Yet for repeat borrowers, who had known their loan officer longer, reminder messages with the officer’s name did result in significantly higher repayment rates.

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The Impact of Credit-Scoring on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Lending and Performance in the Philippines

Limited access to credit is commonly identified as a key constraint to SME growth, but little evidence exists of the direct and indirect effects of loans on small firms in a given market. Researchers are working with a large bank in the Philippines, using random assignment to offer loans to SME applicants who fall just below the threshold to be automatically approved for a loan.

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Returns to Consulting in the Philippines

Researchers in the Philippines are examining the various constraints hindering SME growth and evaluating whether graduate business students can effectively teach management skills and improve small business performance.

Advertising above a store in the Philippines


Informative vs. Persuasive Advertising of Savings Products in the Philippines

Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman , Justine Hastings

In an ongoing study in the Philippines, researchers are evaluating the effectiveness of informative advertising (which aims to improve financial literacy) compared to persuasive advertising (which emphasizes the quality of a particular bank) for commercial banks.


Contracting for Health in Cambodia

Michael Kremer , Indu Bhushan, Erik Bloom, David Clingingsmith, Rathavuth Hong, Elizabeth King, Benjamin Loevinsohn, Brad Schwartz