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Scaling and Unpacking a Successful Summer Jobs Program

Recent studies have found that summer youth employment programs appear to generate large declines in the rates of violent crime—a significant finding for urban policymakers seeking to create safer, more vibrant cities.

Encouraging Carpooling in Malaysia and Singapore

Ruimin He
Zoe Hitzig
Xin Wei Ngiam
Traffic is a significant concern in many rapidly developing and urbanizing countries, as it contributes to increased commute times, pollution, and fuel consumption. One solution to this challenge could be ride-sharing to reduce the number of cars on the road. In Malaysia and Singapore, researchers...

Generating Social Connections for Better Business Practices Among Firms in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia to measure whether generating social connections between manufacturing firm managers could lead to the diffusion and adoption of best business practices. These social interactions led to the spread of best practices...

Irrigation Tank Rehabilitation for Improved Agricultural Outcomes and Water Management in India

Xavier Gine
Anup Malani
Manaswini Rao
The Government of Telangana is partnering with researchers to determine the impact of restoring water tanks for irrigation on water management, agricultural output, and farmers’ income.