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Inter-religious Soccer Leagues to Promote Social Cohesion in Post-ISIS Iraq

Salma Mousa
Researchers evaluated the impact of mixed Christian-Muslim soccer teams on social cohesion and interactions between these groups in an ISIS-affected area of Iraq. Christians who played on mixed teams demonstrated a higher likelihood of engaging with Muslim teammates after the league ended, but the...

The Effect of Information on Irregular Migration Decisions in Nigeria

Alexandra Scacco
Bernd Beber
Florian Foos
Macartan Humphreys
Researchers are evaluating the impact of providing information about the risks and outcomes of irregular migration through door-to-door campaigns and social networks on actual migration decisions in Nigeria.

The Impact of Daily Quizzing on Student Achievement in Kenya

Joost de Laat
Researchers are partnering with Bridge International Academies to evaluate the impact of daily quizzing on students’ learning outcomes in Kenya.

Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL)

Justin Sandefur
Wayne Sandholtz
Researchers worked with Innovations for Poverty Action, the Liberian Ministry of Education, and the group of eight private operators to conduct a randomized evaluation to assess the effects of outsourcing management of public schools after one and three years.

Encouraging Behavioral Change to Improve Road Safety in Kenya

In Kenya, researchers introduced a messaging campaign on matatus (local buses) to encourage individuals to speak up against reckless driving and reduce road accidents rates. Placing these stickers in the passenger area of matatus decreased insurance claims rates, average speed, and number of road...