Administrative Data Sets

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Catalog of Administrative Data Sets

Administrative data are information collected, used, and stored primarily for administrative (i.e., operational), rather than research, purposes. These data can be an excellent source of information for use in research and impact evaluation. Specific requirements and processes for obtaining data vary by data source. To assist researchers in screening potential data sources, J-PAL North America has cataloged a number of key US data sets. The catalog documents procedures on how to access data based on information provided by the originating agencies.

All of J-PAL North America's current resources related to administrative data can be found here

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South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA)

Clinical care and patient records data from licensed general acute care hospitals, emergency departments, and ambulatory care surgery centers in South Carolina. Includes inpatient discharge and outpatient encounter information.


South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)

Individual-level vital records from birth and dealth certificates in South Carolina. Includes demographic information, characteristics of mother's health and prenatal care, and cause of death.



Comprehensive consumer credit and borrowing data gleaned from public records, collection agencies, and trade lines, such as credit card balances, auto loans and mortgages. Includes credit balances, credit scores, unpaid bills, and bankruptcy.


US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Clinical care and patient records data from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Includes information on beneficiaries, inpatient and outpatient claims, radiology and laboratory tests and results, cost information, and Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data.

Crime, violence et conflits

Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI DOC)

Demographics, recidivism and reincarceration information, release data, and sentence data on youth and adults incarcerated, and offenders under community supervision in the state of Wisconsin.