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Early Childhood Stimulation

Early childhood stimulation programs implemented at home can contribute to children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development, ultimately enabling them to improve on a number of future life...

Woman in Living Goods uniform points at medicine bottle while mother of newborn watches


Améliorer la santé de tous, Ouganda

Objectif : étudier si un service de santé au porte à porte offrant des interventions simples peut permettre de réduire la mortalité et la morbidité de régions rurales et périurbaines d'Ouganda.


Pave The Way

Paving streets in marginalized neighborhoods in Mexico increased property values, allowing households to purchase more home appliances and vehicles and to invest more in home improvements....

Man measures woman's blood pressure


Training Providers to Improve Rural Health in India

Government of West Bengal to scale up training of informal medical practitioners following study by the World Bank, Liver Foundation, and J-PAL South Asia


Moving to Opportunity

Neighborhoods matter for the well-being of residents. Helping families with young children living in high-poverty housing projects to move to lower-poverty neighborhoods improves the later-life...


Resilient Rice

Flood-tolerant rice reduced risk for smallholder farmers in Odisha, India and encouraged additional investment in their farms, resulting in substantially increased yields in both flood and non-flood...

Man feed ballot into ballot box while volunteers help voters in background


Radio Public Service Announcements and Voter Participation Among Native Americans in the United States

Can media campaigns increase voter turnout among ethnic minorities? Researchers randomly assigned areas covered by Native American radio programming to either receive or not receive targeted radio...


Gujarat adopts reforms after impact study shows they reduce pollution

Environmental authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat reform their auditing system after collaborating with J-PAL affiliates on a large-scale study that showed more accurate audit reports and...