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Conseillé par des Chaires scientifiques, tous professeurs affiliés, nos secteurs guident les activités de recherche, de diffusion politique et de formation. Ils gèrent les initiatives qui financent des évaluations randomisées et organisent des événements, conférences, séminaires en ligne et ateliers de formation dans le monde entier.

Farmer holds a hoe


Are Rainwater Harvesting Techniques Profitable for Small-Scale Farmers? The Adoption and Impact of RWH Techniques in Niger

Due to climate change, rainfall is becoming scarcer and less reliable in many parts of the world, jeopardizing the agricultural income of already vulnerable populations. Technologies that facilitate...


Reducing Crime with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy helped young urban men in Liberia and the United States become more focused on the future, reducing criminal and violent behavior and increasing graduation rates when...

Two students work on a whiteboard


Charter Schools

The impacts of attending charter schools have varied. Those with the most positive impacts have adopted a “No Excuses” approach and have tended to be in urban areas where the traditional public...

A sloping landscape in western Uganda


Testing the Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services to Enhance Conservation in Productive Landscapes in Uganda

Can conditional payments incentivize landowners to protect their private forest land in Western Uganda?


The Impact of a Formal Savings Intervention in Sri Lanka

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a deposit collection service on the amount of savings and the source of those savings. In a follow-up evaluation, researchers...


Early Childhood Stimulation

Early childhood stimulation programs implemented at home can contribute to children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development, ultimately enabling them to improve on a number of future life...

A factory worker poses in Kenya.


Vocational Education Voucher Delivery and Labor Market Returns in Kenya

What are the impacts of vocational education on labor markets, migration patterns, and health and fertility outcomes in Kenya?

Three women engage in manual labor


Fund-flow reforms for improved social program delivery in India

Central and State governments in India have adopted a financial reform to enhance public service delivery informed by evidence.