Creating a Culture of Evidence Use

Lessons from J-PAL's Government Partnerships in Latin America
Creating a culture of evidence use

Governments have long been critical partners in J-PAL’s mission to reduce poverty and improve social policy around the world. Our new report, “Creating a Culture of Evidence Use: Lessons from J-PAL’s Government Partnerships in Latin America,” shares examples of our government partnerships in Latin America, featuring insights from interviews with officials from 15 of our partner agencies, and the lessons we have learned about building a culture of data and evidence use in government. We hope these insights will be valuable for government agencies and organizations working on evidence-informed policymaking in Latin America and around the world.

This report was funded with support from J-PAL’s Government Partnership Initiative

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Report Contributors

Authors: Samantha Carter, Iqbal Dhaliwal, Julu Katticaran, Claudia Macías, Claire Walsh 
Additional contributors: Vivian Bronsoler, Sebastian Chaskel, Juan Manuel Hernández-Agramonte, Carolina Morais Araujo, Edoardo Trimarchi, Magdalena Valdés Lutz, María Luisa Vásquez Rossi