Hapsari Kusumaningdyah

Headshot of Hapsari Kusumaningdyah

Research Associate, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Hapsari Kusumaningdyah is a Research Associate at J-PAL Southeast Asia, where she currently works at the early childhood parenting program and financial inclusion program. Prior to joining J-PAL Southeast Asia, she works as a journalist in Japan news wire agency, Kyodo News covering the Southeast Asia bureau in Jakarta. She covers the news from the field of political, economic, and international relations within Indonesia and Southeast Asia, where she was mostly posted in the Indonesian Presidential Palace and Ministry of International Affairs.

Her interest is in behavioral economics, especially in intertemporal choice. She previously served as a research assistant at the University of Indonesia where she earns her bachelor's degree in Psychology. She obtained her master's degree specializing in Economic Psychology from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and the University Paris Descartes, a research-oriented master program that was supported by the Paris School of Economics, where she was awarded the Bourse D’excellence scholarship from French Educational Ministry.