Elza Samantha Elmira

Headshot of Elza Elmira

Senior Research Associate, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Elza Samantha Elmira is a Senior Research Associate at J-PAL Southeast Asia where she works on the study of community-based iron-folic acid supplementation intervention to prevent and control anemia in Indonesia. Prior to joining J-PAL in 2021, she worked at FHI360 to identify a market-based approach in increasing Tuberculosis reporting among private sector hospitals and The SMERU Research Institute on child labor, poverty, rural inequality, higher education, and children's nutrition studies.

Elza holds an undergraduate degree in medical science from Universitas Mulawarman and a postgraduate degree in public health from The Australian National University. Her postgraduate thesis published in BMJ Open in 2018 focused on the impact of physical disability on psychological distress among people with Type 2 Diabetes.