About the Health Care Delivery Initiative

J-PAL North America’s U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI) supports randomized evaluations of strategies that aim to make health care delivery in the United States more efficient, effective, and equitable. 

What we do:

Evaluations Capacity Building Policy Outreach


J-PAL North America runs the U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI) to support the development of rigorous evidence on promising approaches to improve how health care is delivered in the United States. J-PAL Affiliate Amy Finkelstein (MIT) is HCDI’s Initiative Chair.

We run an Innovation Competition that provides direct support to healthcare organizations and agencies interested in evaluating their program or policy. Through this competition, HCDI builds partnerships between policymakers, practitioners, and researchers to spur policy-relevant research on key health care issues.

Implementing organizations partnered with a J-PAL affiliated researcher are eligible to apply for funding for pilot studies and full randomized evaluations through our bi-annual Request for Proposals. Our Innovation Competition and RFP catalyze rigorous evaluations of policy-relevant interventions in health care delivery.

Capacity building

To build capacity and demand for rigorous evidence, HCDI also hosts large matchmaking conferences and convenes small gatherings of policymakers, practitioners, and researchers. We share the results of funded evaluations with decision-makers who choose policies, design programs, or decide how budgets are spent in order to direct funds toward evidence-based approaches and scale up programs that work. In health, this includes hospitals, policymakers at all levels of government, non-profit organizations, foundations, and social entrepreneurs.

Policy outreach

To further disseminate our research findings and ensure that academic research is accessible and relevant to wide audiences, we translate research into:

  • Policy briefs, like this briefcase outlining evidence on insuring the uninsured and this review of what we know about strategies to combat the opioid epidemic.
  • Review papers, like this one by Amy Finkelstein and Sarah Taubman that explains the value of using randomized evaluations to improve US health care delivery
  • Presentations and evidence reviews
  • Media coverage, including coverage of the HCDI review paper in the New York Times and a Q&A  with co-author Amy Finkelstein in MIT News.
  • Webinars


Questions about the U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative can be directed to Hannah Reuter, Initiative Manager.