J-PAL Behavioral Science and Crime Funding Opportunity

The funding opportunity: J-PAL North America is providing multiple grants of up to $150,000 to projects that (1) employ a strategy related to behavioral science or changing community norms and (2) relate to crime and violence prevention as a primary or secondary policy goal. All projects funded must either be randomized evaluations or preparatory work to support a later randomized evaluation, and project funding can only be awarded to US institutions. Some preference will be given to projects that can begin quickly and produce preliminary results on a short timeline; we are also open to providing supplemental funding projects that are already underway.

Who can apply: We welcome letters of interest from any interested party, either researchers, city or state government partners, or nonprofits. As a condition of the grant, funding will only be awarded to projects that include a PI from the J-PAL or University of Chicago Crime Lab research networks (including affiliates or special invitees) as part of the research team. Applicants that are not already part of the J-PAL or Crime Lab research networks should indicate in their application their willingness to work with a J-PAL or Crime Lab researcher if a suitable research partner can be found.

Application details: Interested applicants should submit the application coversheet, followed by a letter of interest (of no more than two pages) detailing project ideas and prospective sites to [email protected]. Please see the request for letters of interest document for more details.

Deadline: Letters of interest must be submitted by Friday, November 18, 2016.

Contact: For questions about this request for letters of interest, please email Ben Struhl, J-PAL NA Policy Manager at [email protected].