Research Transparency Milestone Reached

December 20, 2016

At J-PAL, we’re committed to research transparency. That’s why we’re excited that the American Economic Association’s registry of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in the social sciences just reached a milestone of 1,000 registered studies across more than 100 countries. 

Since the AEA RCT Registry’s launch in 2013, it has served as one of the primary online sources for information on ongoing and completed studies in the social sciences. It’s a one-stop shop for details like study abstracts, implementation status, keywords, start and end dates, and primary investigators, and includes a “Contact Investigator” feature for easy outreach to researchers. 

J-PAL supports our affiliated professors in their research transparency efforts, including working with them to submit their projects to the registry. To date J-PAL has helped register 468 studies—nearly half of all J-PAL affiliated evaluations

The registry enables researchers and policymakers to gain a more complete understanding of the scope of current and past research, including studies that have been discontinued or never published. The “Advanced Search” feature lets visitors search by sector, abstract keywords, investigator name, experimental design, or study status. See what's new!