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Building Resilient Health Systems: Community Monitoring and Nonfinancial Awards During Sierra Leone’s 2014 Ebola Outbreak

Darin Christensen
Johannes Haushofer
Bilal Siddiqi
Maarten Voors
Researchers partnered with the Government of Sierra Leone to evaluate the impact of community monitoring and nonfinancial awards programs on health care utilization and health outcomes. Both programs improved clinic utilization, patient satisfaction, and symptom reporting during the 2014 Ebola...

Costs of Failure to Appear for Arraignment

Helen Ho
Natalia Emanuel
Researchers will conduct a randomized evaluation to test the impact of different types of notifications on rates of failure to appear in traffic and criminal misdemeanor courts.

The Role of Emotions on Individuals’ Decisions to Join Armed Groups in Eastern Congo

Raul Sanchez de la Sierra
By leveraging a unique, long-lasting relationship with an armed organization in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the researcher aims to better understand who joins armed organizations and why, as well as the effect of the participation motives on performance inside the group.

The impact of an online entrepreneurial mindset training for youth in Ecuador

Igor Asanov
Diego d'Andria
Thomas Astebro
Guido Buenstorf
Francisco Flores
Mona Mensmann
Mathis Schulte
David McKenzie
Recent studies have shown that a psychology-based entrepreneurial mindset training can have promising effects on business outcomes. In Ecuador, researchers are evaluating whether these skills can be taught at scale and online by testing the effects of an entrepreneurial mindset training program on...

Evaluating an Exporting Scheme in Tunisia

Aminur Rahman
Giacomo di Giorgi
To promote export diversification, the Tunisian government is implementing a $22 million export matching-grant scheme, TASDIR+. TASDIR+ aims to increase exports and promote export diversification toward higher value-added exports and new markets. This study is using a randomized controlled trial to...