Government Partnership Initiative (GPI)

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The Government of Tamil Nadu, India signed a memorandum of understanding with J-PAL to institutionalize the use of evidence in policymaking. Photo: J-PAL

J-PAL’s Government Partnership Initiative (GPI) launched in 2015 to build and strengthen partnerships between governments and J-PAL affiliates and J-PAL regional offices to increase the use of evidence in policymaking.

The initiative supports partnerships with governments to design and evaluate policies and programs, scale up policies already evaluated and found to be effective, and institutionalize the use of evidence in policy more broadly. By funding a wide range of research, capacity building, and policy outreach activities, GPI aims to make it easier for researchers and governments to work together to increase the use of evidence in policymaking.

GPI supports three types of grants with government partners: 1) policy-relevant research (both pilot and full RCT), 2) technical assistance to scale up specific policies already evaluated and found to be effective, and 3) technical assistance to help institutionalize the use of evidence in policymaking more broadly. 


The GPI co-chairs are Abhijit Banerjee (MIT) and Iqbal Dhaliwal (J-PAL). The GPI Advisory Board is composed of the two co-chairs along with Martina Björkman Nyqvist (Stockholm School of Economics), Aprajit Mahajan (UC Berkeley), Claudia Martínez (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Michael Rosholm (Aarhus University), and Dean Yang (University of Michigan). The Initiative Manager is Claire Walsh and the Initiative Staff is Samantha Carter

GPI is funded through a generous grant from Community Jameel.

Request for Proposals

GPI is not currently accepting proposals. 

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All J-PAL affiliated professors and J-PAL offices are eligible to apply. J-PAL offices do not need to have an affiliated professor as a collaborator to submit a Type 2 or 3 proposal; however, we strongly recommend that J-PAL offices try to identify at least one J-PAL affiliate who could serve as an adviser on the project. If a J-PAL affiliate agrees to be involved, please have them complete this short Affiliate Letter of Support form and submit it along with the rest of your application. IPA country offices wishing to submit Type 2 or 3 proposals must submit their proposals through J-PAL regional offices. Type 1 proposals must have a J-PAL affiliated professor as a PI. All proposals may include collaborators outside of this network. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to participate, the most typically asked questions are answered in the FAQ. If you still have further questions, please send an email to [email protected].

GPI Funded Projects

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