Gender norms and biases continue to constrain human potential around the world. J-PAL’s Gender sector produces cross-cutting insights on promoting gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment, and on how norms related to gender affect the outcomes of social programs.

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In addition to supporting policymakers in applying evidence from randomized evaluations to their work, sector chairs and staff write policy insights that synthesize general lessons emerging from the research and condense results from evaluations in policy publications and evaluation summaries. See all evaluations in the Gender sector.


J-PAL's new Gender sector

“Do you agree with the statement, “Men are better suited than women to work outside the home”?” Seema asked parents in India this question as part of a research study to understand how a school-based...

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Teaching Girls Negotiation Skills in Zambia

In Zambia, researchers examined the impact of teaching negotiation skills to schoolgirls on their health and education outcomes.



What does women’s labor force participation really tell us about women’s empowerment?

Women continue to participate in the labor market—or as non-economists would put it, “work”—at different rates than men.

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Evaluation of a School-Based Gender Attitude Change Campaign in India

Researchers are evaluating the impact of a school-based program promoting gender equity on youths’ attitudes and subsequent fertility decisions.


Is it time to rethink how we measure women’s household decision-making power in impact evaluations?

One of the first rules of thumb you learn about developing survey questions is that they should be specific and time-bound. In other words, it’s better if a question is about a specific event or...

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Senior Policy Manager

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Lucia Diaz-Martin

Senior Policy Associate, Program Manager, Gender

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