Kahfi B Sya

Headshot of Kahfi B Sya

Research Associate, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Kahfi is a Research Associate at J-PAL Southeast Asia. He is working on the impact evaluation of Kartu Prakerja — A program launched by the Government of Indonesia in early 2020 that aims to improve the workforce's skills and competencies. Prior to joining J-PAL in October 2021, Kahfi worked as a research intern here at J-PAL Southeast Asia. Furthermore, before starting his journey at J-PAL Southeast Asia, he’s already worked as a research assistant on his campus.

Kahfi holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Universitas Gadjah Mada and graduated Cum Laude with development economics as a major interest. Specifically, he is interested in research related to labor, education, and community empowerment.