J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean

J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), based at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, leads J-PAL’s work in the LAC region. J-PAL LAC conducts randomized evaluations, builds partnerships for evidence-informed policymaking, and helps partners scale up effective programs.

Our research team works with J-PAL's network of affiliated professors to measure the impact of social programs and policies in LAC. Through online and in-person courses, we train implementers, policymakers, donors, and advocates on how to generate and use rigorous evidence. Our policy team works to institutionalize this learning and disseminate research results to governments and other partners.

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Facing an educational Covid earthquake: An example of scaling up and innovating in Chile

Regardless of what happens with the new variants of Covid-19, our children’s educational process was substantially interrupted. Despite the tenacious efforts of educational communities and families, there is evidence that the negative consequences on educational achievement, socialization, emotional...

Female worker with helmet and safety vest scanning a box in a factory

O primeiro ano da JOI Brasil promovendo a geração e o uso de evidências no mercado de trabalho brasileiro

Em maio de 2021, o J-PAL LAC, com o generoso apoio de Fundação Arymax, B3 Social, Potencia Ventures, Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento e Insper, lançou sua primeira iniciativa no país. A concomitância do nosso primeiro aniversário com o Dia Internacional do Trabalho neste mês faz deste momento...

Woman carrying backet of tropical fruit in the Amazon forest

Como conservar melhor a Amazônia? Perguntas abertas para avaliações aleatorizadas

A Floresta Amazônica–que cobre mais de nove países da América Latina–tem um papel essencial no meio ambiente e no clima. Quais são as políticas mais eficazes para protegê-la e reduzir seu desmatamento? Este artigo apresenta algumas perguntas abertas para avaliações aleatorizadas.

Woman leading a workshop in LAC

Reflecting on a year working for gender equality in LAC

One of  J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean’s priorities is to advance rigorous evidence on effective approaches to improving gender equality in our region. As we approach the end of 2022, we reflect on lessons learned and emerging priorities.