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Search our database of policy briefcases and bulletins. Briefcases summarize the results and policy recommendations from one randomized evaluation, while bulletins synthesize the broader policy lessons emerging from multiple evaluations on the same topic.

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Labor Markets, Finance, Firms

Inspiring Success: Personalized Trainings for Microenterprises

Jeanne Lafortune, José Tessada

Adding sessions with role models and individualized assistance to intensive training courses for microentrepreneurs increased their household incomes, mainly through improved business practices and performances.

Man and woman receiving job counseling in France

Labor Markets

Public or Private? Job Counseling in France

Bruno Crépon, Luc Behaghel, Marc Gurgand

An intensive counseling program for job seekers at risk of long-term unemployment in France helped them find work sooner than the standard low-intensity counseling program, and the counseling was more effective when provided by a public agency than by private contractors.

Education, Labor Markets

Moving to Opportunity

Jens Ludwig, Lawrence Katz, Raj Chetty

Helping families with young children living in high-poverty housing projects to move to lower-poverty neighborhoods improves the later-life outcomes for the children and may reduce the intergenerational persistence of poverty.
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Labor Markets, Political Economy & Governance

Strengthening State Capabilities

Frederico Finan, Martín Rossi

Offering higher wages for public service positions in Mexico attracted smarter, more experienced applicants with a greater motivation for public service.
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Labor Markets

Job Placement and Displacement

Bruno Crépon, Esther Duflo, Marc Gurgand, Roland Rathelot, Philippe Zamora

Career counseling for young, college-educated job seekers in France helped them find work sooner, but this improvement came at the expense of jobs for those who did not receive counseling, and it did not translate into a long-term increase in employment rates.
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Education, Labor Markets, Health, Gender

See Tomorrow's Jobs, Invest in Girls Today

Robert Jensen

Making employment opportunities for women more salient and accessible led to increased investment in education and nutrition of girls, and delayed marriage and childbearing among women in rural India.
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Labor Markets

Getting Ready for Work

Orazio Attanasio, Costas Meghir

A vocational training program that provided disadvantaged youth in Colombia with a combination of in-classroom and on-the-job training raised employment and earnings among women.
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