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Our Staff

Our staff are organized into three verticals: Research, Education, and Training; Policy and Communications; and Finance and Operations. They support J-PAL's work at our global office at MIT and six regional offices around the world.

Ilf Bencheikh

Deputy Executive Director, J-PAL Europe

Salim Benhachmi

Research Associate, J-PAL Europe

Simon Briole

Postdoctoral Fellow, J-PAL Europe

Maria Camila Porras Rivera

Research Manager, J-PAL Europe

Anna Carrère

Research Associate, J-PAL Europe

Quentin Daviot

Research Manager, J-PAL Europe

Florencia Devoto

Research Fellow, J-PAL Europe

Gaëlle Féneloux

Administrative Manager, J-PAL Europe

Marc Gurgand

Scientific Director, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Cillian Nolan

Cillian Nolan

Associate Director of Policy, J-PAL Europe

Victor Pouliquen

Doctoral Fellow, J-PAL Europe

Anna Schrimpf

Executive Director, J-PAL Europe

Maxime Sirera

Research Associate, J-PAL Europe

Ana Maria Tabacaru

Senior Policy Associate, J-PAL Europe