Other Course Offerings

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Other Course Offerings

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Evaluating Social Programs, Advanced Course

This three day workshop provides a detailed introduction to the use of randomized field experiments in development economics.

Field experiments have become an exciting tool not only to evaluate the impact of important programs, but also to answer key questions in economic development. The workshop introduces researchers who are familiar with economics and econometrics to the following topics:

How to design an experiment:

  • Methods of randomization
  • Linking experimental design and theory
  • Sample size 

How to implement an experiment:

  • Finding funding
  • Working with partner organizations
  • Data collection (including innovative methods of data collection)
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Analyzing data from an experiment:

  • Average effects
  • Heterogeneity of treatment effects
  • CACE
  • LATE
  • Structural estimation 

 This course has been offered in Paris and Chile in the past.

M&E Management Course

J-PAL, in collaboration with CLEAR South Asia, offers a four-day advanced course in M&E Management that covers topics such as developing an M&E strategy, quantitative and qualitative methods, managing data collection and analysis, data-informed decision-making.  

This course is targeted towards individuals from non-profit institutions, practitioners and researchers in the social sector who are involved in design, implementation, research and analysis of social programs.  

The topics covered under this course include:  

  • Theoretical foundations in M&E
  • Tools for conducting M&E
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods used in M&E 
  • Data management, including digital and non-digital collection, data cleaning and analysis
  • Data quality
  • Stata and Excel
  • Program management

This course has been offered in India and Pakistan in the past.

Measurement Course

J-PAL, in collaboration with CLEAR South Asia, offers a three-day course on Measurement—covering topics from the research or evaluation question to survey design to data collection.

The course is intended for researchers from different disciplines who would like to learn about how to strengthen their social survey instruments to collect more accurate and meaningful data. In particular, the following key concepts are covered:

  • Developing a theory of change to map the causal pathway of a program
  • Using a theory of change to inform the selection of indicators
  • Creating accurate and precise measurements
  • Avoiding measurement error
  • Measuring ‘hard-to-measure’ indicators
  • Paper based and digital questionnaire design
  • Piloting and survey re-design

This course has been offered in India in the past.