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About J-PAL NA's RFP

J-PAL North America (J-PAL NA) supports randomized impact evaluations of innovative social programs and policies that can provide insights for learning which policies work best and why.

This request for proposals welcomes proposals from preselected invited researchers in any sector that contribute to J-PAL’s mission of reducing poverty by ensuring that policy is based on rigorous evidence. This could include randomized evaluations across a broad range of sectors including consumer finance, crime, education, environment, government efficiency, labor, employment and training, etc. with the exception of proposals related to health. J-PAL NA has a separate U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI), so we request that network members interested in health policy apply to the HCDI RFP.

1. Research: J-PAL NA provides targeted funding to invited researchers for randomized impact evaluations on important social policy questions.

J-PAL NA will (a) issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) 2-3 times per year inviting proposals from preselected researchers for evaluations of policies across a wide range of sectors in the region, (b) evaluate the proposals according to a set of criteria, and (c) select randomized impact evaluations to fund, both full evaluations and pilots.

2. Capacity Building: J-PAL NA will provide support in forming strong research teams and building the capacity of researchers, their staff, and collaborators at partner organizations to design and conduct high-quality randomized evaluations. J-PAL NA will also encourage research best practices, including the registration of impact evaluations and the publication of data from funded evaluations.

3. Policy Outreach: J-PAL NA will disseminate the results of the funded evaluations to ensure that they reach decision makers in an accessible, salient format through policy briefs, online tools, reviews of the evidence, and evidence workshops. We will work to share evidence with federal, state, and local policymakers in the region, as well as non-profit organizations, foundations, and social entrepreneurs. This outreach will be targeted toward helping decision makers, who choose policies, design programs, or decide how budgets are spent, to direct funds toward more evidence-based approaches and to scale up proven programs.

This RFP is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

For questions about this RFP, please email Graham Simpson, J-PAL NA Policy Associate, at gsimp@mit.edu.

For more details about J-PAL North America, including links to evaluations and publications, click here.