Partner with us

Donors and donor organizations

ASPIRE’s primary goal is to make a lasting impact on poverty reduction by developing long-term partnerships with governments, NGOs and donors to create change at scale. ASPIRE’s collaborative model increases the effects of every cent spent on improving the lives of the poor.


Joining the alliance allows donors to participate and solve poverty and inequality by accessing our network of experts and academics, participating in our events and tailored capacity-building round tables for donors, and joining a network of like-minded donors.


We need your help with:

  • Leading systemic change by supporting the implementation of evidence-based programs.
  • Playing a catalytic role in raising awareness about the impact and cost-effectiveness of J-PAL’s programs.
  • Pioneering role to help researchers to focus on areas with little knowledge of what works best and why.

Non-government organizations

Our partnerships with non-governmental organizations are the backbone to scaling-up. We are looking for organizations which can implement and support innovative solutions for policy. If you are an implementing organization interested in anchoring at-scale policy solutions in India, we welcome you to discuss potential collaborations.