Catalog of Administrative Data Sets

Administrative data are information collected, used, and stored primarily for administrative (i.e., operational), rather than research, purposes. These data can be an excellent source of information for use in research and impact evaluation. Specific requirements and processes for obtaining data vary by data source. To assist researchers in screening potential data sources, J-PAL North America has cataloged a number of key US data sets. The catalog documents procedures on how to access data based on information provided by the originating agencies.

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Used by a J-PAL affiliate for a randomized evaluation.
First year for which the data set is available.
State or province
Personally identifiable information is available such that data may be linked to external data sources.
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  • Crime, Violence, and Conflict
  • Education
  • Health

Allegheny County Data Warehouse

Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) Allegheny County Jail Allegheny County Adult Probation Allegheny County Juvenile Probation Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh Allegheny County Housing Authority Pittsburgh Public School District Clairton City School District Duquesne School District Penn Hills School District Propel Charter Schools Magisterial District Courts and the Court of Common Pleas in Allegheny County Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Client-level demographic, service, and provider information across multiple DHS service areas e.g., aging, child welfare, intellectual disabilities, mental health, and homelessness.
  • Health

American Medical Association Physician Masterfile

American Medical Association (AMA) Division of Health Solutions Data Management (HSDM)
Current and historical data on all physicians in the United States.
  • Health

Aurora Health Care Data

Aurora Health Care, Aurora Research Institute (ARI)
Individual-level data from electronic medical records at Aurora Health Care, a large, not-for-profit, private health care provider in Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • Health

California Health Care Data

California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD)
Clinical care and patient records data from licensed general acute care hospitals, emergency departments, and ambulatory care surgery centers in California. Includes inpatient discharge and outpatient encounter information.
  • Labor Markets

California Unemployment Insurance (UI) Earning Data

State of California Employment Development Department (EDD)
Information on pre-UI employment, wage records, and UI benefits for workers in California.
  • Health

Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES)

Emory University Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Includes all non-traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) where the patient receives resuscitative efforts (CPR and/or defibrillation) by 911 responders, or is defibrillated by a bystander prior to the arrival of 911 responders, that occur in the CARES catchment area (covering 49% of the US...
  • Labor Markets

CARES Collaborative Homeless Management Information System (CCHMIS)

CARES of NY, inc
CARES Collaborative Homeless Management Information System (CCHMIS) records data on the characteristics and service needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness across twelve Continuums of Care (CoCs) in New York State.
  • Education

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools Data

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) Office of Accountability
Student- and teacher-level data including courses, enrollment, and test scores in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) district
  • Crime, Violence, and Conflict

Chicago Police Department Data

Chicago Police Department (CPD)
Data collected by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) include arrests and crime incidents reported to CPD.
  • Education

Chicago Public Schools Data

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Planning and Data Management
Student- and staff-level information collected by CPS, including Illinois State Achievement Test (ISAT) scores, gender, and race.