Code of Conduct for the J-PAL Community

At J-PAL we actively work to ensure all members of our community, including our staff, researchers, and those associated with our implemented or funded projects and events, are respected, supported, and valued. This is a key component of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and is a core value that will never change. Discrimination, harassment, and abuse have no place in our work and are not tolerated.

J-PAL follows MIT’s Code of Conduct and Community Standards; therefore, all members of our community are expected to adhere to these in addition to those of their employer, local laws, and codes of membership associations like the AEA and NBER. To ensure a safe and inclusive workplace and professional community, we set clear expectations for researchers and staff conduct and have established formal mechanisms to communicate conduct violations without fear of retaliation. We also hold regular awareness and sensitivity training sessions for our researchers and staff worldwide, examine our own policies and practices on an ongoing basis, and work to address power imbalances that may make reporting harassment difficult. 

We are taking many steps to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in our work and in the field of economics. We recognize there is much more to be done, and we support those who have experienced or spoken out against bias, discrimination, harassment, or abuse and who are working to create a more welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment in all fields, including economics.

All members of J-PAL’s community are encouraged to report concerns related to these issues to their manager or to Cindy Smith, Global Director of Finance & Operations. Concerns can also be reported to MIT’s Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office

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