Le secteur Finance de J-PAL mesure l’impact de services, produits et procédés financiers novateurs, et vise à établir dans quelle mesure l’accès aux services financiers permet de réduire la pauvreté et de stimuler le développement économique. 


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Seven randomized evaluations from around the world show that microcredit does not have a transformative impact on poverty, but it can give low-income households more freedom in optimizing the ways...


Early insights from the first field test of universal basic income

J-PAL Affiliate Paul Niehaus (University of California, Berkeley) weighs in on a pilot program in Kenya that is among the first field tests of universal basic income — the idea of providing everyone...


How Does Winning the Lottery Affect Labor Supply? Evidence from Sweden

Understanding how individuals adjust their labor supply in response to cash transfers is a key consideration when designing economic policies. Researchers used data on lottery winners in Sweden to...

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Basic income could transform society. But first, it needs to be tested.

Researchers involved in the largest and longest evaluation of a basic income yet conducted discuss how rigorous research on such programs is of high interest to governments across the world.

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Cash as Capital

The authors of this article, many of them J-PAL affiliates, discuss the need for long-term evaluations of cash transfer programs at scale to better understand how to create sustained improvements in...

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