Alison Fahey

Headshot of Alison Fahey

Director of Policy and Communications, J-PAL Global

Alison Fahey is the Director of Policy and Communications. She leads the Policy and Communications group which collaborates with J-PAL researchers and staff to synthesize and share insights from randomized evaluations to inform policy design and scale decisions with partners worldwide. She previously served as the founding Executive Director of J-PAL Middle East and North Africa, where she led J-PAL's newest regional office based at The American University in Cairo, guiding strategy and growth for the office's research, policy, capacity building, and operations teams, and forging partnerships for evidence generation and use with innovative policymakers across the MENA region.

Prior to joining J-PAL in 2014, Alison worked in a variety of positions related to service delivery, economic growth, and decentralization with USAID in Afghanistan and Jordan, and with the World Bank in Indonesia. Alison was a Fulbright Scholar in Jordan and she holds an M.P.A. in International Development from Princeton University.