Nurul Fadilah

Headshot of Nurul Fadilah

Research Associate, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Nurul Fadilah is a Research Associate at J-PAL Southeast Asia where she works on the early childhood development project. The project aims to improve parent awareness and involvement, including father, in early childhood stimulation. Prior to joining J-PAL Southeast Asia, she worked at Keio University as Teaching Assistant for various lectures including IT and policy management. She had also worked with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo and Bank Indonesia to develop a Japan-Indonesia Partnership website.

Nurul holds a master’s degree in global governance and regional studies from the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University. During her study, she participated in fieldwork in Phu Cat, Vietnam, where she conducted in-depth interviews with families who have suffered from agent orange. She also conducted her own fieldwork in Bandung Metropolitan areas, Indonesia, where she studied social protection programs for low-income households.